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Mark Eccleston

Hi! My name's Mark, and I write code! I was born in Miami, FL, grew up in Fort Lauderdale - and recently, relocated to Atlanta, GA. This city's awesome! Great food, history, culture... and a growing tech hub!

When it comes to work experience, I've been developing for 10+ years, both frontend and backend. Specializing mainly in PHP, and quickly building up some experience with ReactJS.

Like most developers, I've got a handful of proficiencies under the belt, and a personality to boot! Take a look around and see if I'm what you're looking for!

Work Experience Spotlight

2019 - Present Working Buildings Atlanta, GA
PHP Developer
Joined the CxAlloy development team under Working Buildings to assist with accelerating the development of the company’s Facility Management suite.

Some tasks included : writing lint and build scripts from the ground up using Node, writing linux command shell scripts to expedite repetitive tasks, writing up documentation and scalable scripts for use within the site’s existing architecture, such as :
- an in-house selectpicker script (JS, SCSS)
- an administration dashboard to quickly navigate client information (PHP, JS, SCSS)
- built a notification system (PHP, JS)

Other tasks included joining the company’s Windows app development team to assist in expediting the development timeline (using BackboneJS MV* coupled with NodeJS running on Electron)


Examples of Past Projects

Let's Cut to the Chase

Rather than bore you with all the fluff, about my work experience, my schooling, or even a long drawn out sentence to try to sell you on my work ethic... I'd rather cut straight to the point.

If you have any inkling that I may be what you're looking for, let's connect!

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